1. Who should use Aircab?

Aircab is for anyone catching a cab from an Australian airport who has space for another. Although Aircab is suitable for any size of group, single riders will benefit the most as they can significantly reduce their cab fare and meet new people along the way.

2. What are the benefits to sharing a cab?

Sharing a cab not only saves you money and connects you with other like-minded people, but is also an excellent way to reduce emissions, fuel consumption and traffic congestion at the same time.

3. Why Aircab?

Aircab's mission is simple : Connecting people online to make cab sharing easy. Aircab is a free and easy-to-use site that matches you with others at Australian airports who are cabbing in the same direction. Why cab it alone when you can save money and meet new people at the same time?

4. How do I start using Aircab?

There are 3 simple steps to use Aircab. The site can be accessed by smartphone, tablet or PC/laptop.
1. Log In with facebook or sign up for an Aircab account.
Both options are located in the menu items on the top right of the site home page. Signing up with your email address only takes a few seconds and includes an email verification to check that the email you provide is your own.
2. Create a ride using the "Add a Ride" window accessible by clicking the link under your name in the top right.
Just enter your origin airport, destination suburb and target leave time.
3. Aircab lists the best matching rides of other users based on leave time and destination.
Contact matches that interest you by email or mobile to meet at the airport.

5. Aircab Matching Engine

Aircab's Matching Engine (AME) instantly finds the best matching riders for you.
Using the ride details you input and comparing with rides from other users, the AME builds your own "Match Rankings" list using an internal database and algorithm. The list ranks matching users according to their scores for Leave Time, Destination and Total Match. The "Leave Time" score ranks how close their leave time is to yours and the "Destination" score ranks how similar their journey is to yours. The "Total Match" score is a combination of the above two scores. Rankings are shown in the "Match Rankings" table as icons varying from an empty circle for lowest rank to a star for the highest rank. Click the green "Icon Guide" button at the bottom of the table for more details.

6. Match details

Clicking on the plus (+) button to the right of each row in your "Match Rankings" window brings up the "Match Details" sub-window comparing the User Name, Leave Time and Destination details with the matching ride. In the "Leave Time" row, the time difference in minutes is shown including any airport transfer time if they are located in another terminal. In the "Destination" row, a graphic of your route is shown indicating the start, mid and end points with approximate distances between each point. The closer destination to the airport among you and your match is shown as the mid point whereas the further is shown as the end point. You can also quickly access the matches for your soonest upcoming ride through the "Show Matches" link under your name in the top right of the site.

7. How do I contact another member?

Aircab enables you to contact matching riders by either email or mobile phone. In the Match Details window, "Send Email" and "Mobile" buttons are located at the bottom. Clicking the "Send Email" button sends an email to the matching rider's email address with your ride details and contact information (email address and mobile number, if enabled). Users to whom you have already sent an email will be listed as "Email Sent" in both the "Match Rankings" and "Match Details" windows.
With both facebook and Sign Up methods, you have the option to add a mobile number to your account to allow other matching riders to contact you directly by sms or phone call. If the matching user has enable this feature, their mobile number will be displayed alongside the email button in the Match Details sub-window.
Connect with your match at the airport at a mutually convenient location such as the arrivals gate, taxi queue, baggage carousel, cafe, etc.

8. What if there are no matches yet for my ride?

No matches yet? No worries!
Aircab will automatically notify you by email when another user adds a matching ride. Just ensure the "Email Notification" option is selected in your "Settings" located under the "Account" link in the top right of the page.

9. My Rides window

Review and manage your rides in the "My Rides" window (link located under your name in the top right corner).
Options for each ride include the "On/Off" button (pauses and resumes the ride to appear in other user matches), the "Modify" button (to change the details of the ride), the "Delete" button (to permanently delete the ride) and the "Show Matches" button (to display the "Match Rankings" window for the ride). There is a maximum limit of 10 active rides per user at a time and past expired rides are automatically removed from your account after a day.

10. Settings window

Review and change your settings in the "Settings" window (link located under "Account" in the top right corner).
There are 3 tabs on the left side: General (user details such as Name and Mobile number), Options (to modify the "Show Mobile Number" and "Email Notification" options) and Close (to permanently delete your account).

And finally, Enjoy the Ride!

Please let us know how your ride went and if you have any suggestions for the site by Contacting Us. We'd be happy to hear from you.